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secrets about GM lonyen (Heazer, Murmelprinz, FearMx)

after i deleted my account i dont need to worry that gm lonyen can ban me or something like this, because im saying something about his "gm" work

lonyen hacked with his friends and his summy "Murmelprinz" at yoshi
and he was the only gm that was banning ppl at this time at yoshi
so he knew that he was save there
and ofc if some other gm would come he just could let all players dc and save them

when other hacker tried to go yoshi to he just teleported them to the hacker jail



so heazer and friends always had the yoshi for them self

i wont tell now wich other guys hacked with him
because i like them and they are not gms so they did nothing wrong

but Gm Lonyen aka Heazer aka Murmelprinz aka FearMx should not doing that, why?, because he is A Gm

yyeye nexon is so dead even the gms hacking their chars

btw Heazer renamed his summy Murmelprinz to FearMx

ofc some ppl reported Lonyen but gm lonyen just deleted the tickets and he was save 

when Requim took over the siege castle Lonyen tried to dc the talker
but he was to late because the talker got dc but he was still few sec in the game so they won

in HH or other maps Gm lonyen somethimes healed me and soncy
means he just gave us full shield and hp with one click

btw he made the same thing in battleroyal with his own


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