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Genoa Castle Structure
Genoa Castle is the seat of contention among the warriors of Trieste. Everyone wants to be its lord and master. The way to attain that goal is through a siege tunnel at Braiken Castle, Loa Castle, or Denebe. Genoa Castle has 3 gates. The South Gate guards the inner castle. The East Gate and the West Gate, inside the castle, lead to the castle center. Five castle guardian stones help maintain the castle defense, while special warp sites allow defenders to move quickly to various areas of the castle. People to know: Lorenzo , Yordes, Rocky and Valdur.
Genoa Castle Functions
1. Castle Gates: The South Gate leads to the inner castle; the West and East Gates lead to the central keep of the castle. The defending castle lord can enhance these gates with Lorenzo’s help. All gates can be destroyed by the attackers, but only with physical force.

2. Guardian Stones: There are 5 distinctive stones symbolic of Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. An attacker who has captured 2 or more of the stones will become eligible to communicate with Juto. These stones are only vulnerable to physical damage attacks.

3. Warps: Only members of the Defending Guild can use the warps. Anyone who belongs to the Defending Guild can swiftly move back and forth between warps of the same color. Depending on how to utilize these warps, various tactics and strategies can be deployed to defend the castle successfully.

4. Siege Tunnels: The only way to enter Genoa Castle is through one of the three siege tunnels found at Braiken Castle, Loa Castle or in Denebe. Members of the guild that currently controls the castle (the Defending Guild) can use the siege tunnels at any time. Attacking Guild members can only use the siege tunnels after their guild has qualified to participate in the siege battle, and then only when the siege actually begins.

5. Lorenzo [Castle Manger NPC]: The Defending Guild leader can purchase additional defenses from the Castle Manager NPC, Lorenzo. Defenses that can be purchased include 6 types of guards (up to 100 total) and special enhancements to strengthen the castle gates against attacks. The Defending Guild leader can also set the time of the next siege through Lorenzo.

6. Teleporters [Teleport NPCs]: Yordes Rocky and Valdur are NPCs who manage the warps within Genoa Castle. Using these warps, members of the Defending Guild can move quickly and freely from one location to another.

7. Juto [Castle Guardian NPC]: Juto is the symbol of Genoa Castle. She will test how strong the Attacking Guild is and whether they are qualified to rule the castle. She is the key to victory, or defeat, during the siege.

Siege Tunnels
Siege tunnels are the only way to get in and out of Genoa Castle. They are only available for warriors involved in the siege. Members of the Defending Guild can enter siege tunnels at any time; however, members of the Attacking Guild can only enter the siege tunnels after they have qualified for the siege and only when the siege has actually started.

- There are siege tunnels at Braiken Castle, Loa Castle, and in Denebe. There are 2 tunnels in Genoa Castle.
- When entering a siege tunnel, members of the Defending Guild and members of the Attacking Guilds will
appear in appropriate locations, ready to defend or attack.
- Note that siege tunnels will remain closed to players who are not involved in the siege itself. Attackers will
need to obtain the siege authority and wait until the siege begins.
Castle Gates
Genoa Castle has 3 gates. The South Gate is in the outer castle, and the West and East Gates are in the inner castle. The castle lord (leader of the Defending Guild) can enhance these gates by purchasing enhancements from Lorenzo. The gates can only be destroyed by physical damage attacks.
5 Guardian Stones in Genoa
There are five distinct guardian stones in Genoa Castle. Each stone represents one of the elements: Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. At the start of the siege, each of the guardian stones is controlled by the Defending Guild. However, if the Attacking Guild can secure control 2 or more of the guardian stones, they gain access to the Castle Guardian NPC, Juto. A guardian stone has 2 different modes ? normal and invincible modes. When a stone is captured, the captured stone becomes invincible for 5 minutes. While invincible, the control of the stone cannot be changed. Guardian stones also act as resurrection stones, so that if a character dies during battle, he or she will be resurrected at the stone’s location. Normally, it takes 15 seconds to resurrect a member of the Attacking Guild (and 5 seconds for a member of the Defending Guild), but for each guardian stone that the Attacking Guild controls, their resurrection penalty is reduced and the defenders’ is increased. Control over the guardian stones can only be taken by physical force.

Resurrection Waiting Time

? When a character is killed during the siege, they will be resurrected after the waiting time has passed.
? The default resurrection waiting time assigned to members of the Defending Guild is 5 seconds. The default
time assigned to members of the Attacking Guilds is 15 seconds.
? If an attacker succeeds in taking one guardian stone away from the defender, the resurrection waiting time
will be reduced. On the other hand, the resurrection penalty for defenders will increase whenever control
of a guardian stone changes to the Attacking Guilds.
? Control of guardian stones vs. resurrection penalty: 1 stone (13 sec), 2 stones (11 sec), 3 stones (9 sec), 4
stones (7 sec), 5 stones (5 sec)
? Guardian stones also provide specific temporary enhancements to players they resurrect.
1. See the image above to find each stone’s name and location.

2. Invincible Mode Effects

- Once captured, the capturing guild’s mark will appear on the stone.
- The stone’s color will also change to reflect its condition of invincibility: When the stone is controlled by the
Attacking Guild: Blue When the stone is controlled by the Defending Guild: Red
How to Gain Control Over the Stones
Each guardian stone can be captured for control using the following rules.:

? Final result: Percentage of successful attack damage (100%) + 15% bonus rate based on last damage.
? If more than one attacking guild score the same amount of points, the last attacker who caused damage will
gain control of the stone.
? The guild that causes the most damage will gain control. For instance, an Attacking Guild A does 55% of the
damage and an Attacking Guild B does 45%, the Attacking Guild B wins control.
Only castle members of the Defending Guild can use the warps. Anyone who belongs to the castle defender can swiftly move back and forth from one warp to another of the same color. Using warps intelligently during battle can help determine the outcome of the siege.
Juto is the guardian of Genoa Castle. She will test how strong you are to see whether you are fully qualified to become the castle lord. If you pass her test, she will grant you control of the castle. While responding to Juto, you must stay in a designated area for 5 minutes. If you fail, you will lose one guardian stone to the Defending Guild. The following are reasons for failure of Juto’s test:

- You are killed during the communication with Juto
- You move out of the designated area during communication with Juto.
- A Defending Guild or other Attacking Guilds are able to take control of guardian stones so that you no longer
have the required number (2 or more).
source: http://dekaron.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Guide/SystemInfo/Siege/SiegeGenoa

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